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Jeff Eland, Principal

Jeff has been advising the commercial real estate and facilities community for more than 22 years.  His experience, responsiveness, and dedication to clients attracts and retains business. 

Jeff approaches problems with a keen business sense, always looking for answers which support and further a client’s business operations.  Every design decision means dollars spent; simple, straight forward, cost effective approaches are why real estate brokers, REITS and Fortune 500 companies continually return to Jeff for his service and expertise.  A lifelong student of financial markets, Jeff truly enjoys the press of business - recognizing success comes not from a single project, but from the longevity of relationships.  

Jeff recognizes our responsibility and commitment to focus on our clients, understanding their objectives and developing a solution to meet their business needs.  Our experience, technology, knowledge and talented staff of licensed professionals enable us to gain prospective in meeting the diverse objectives of all the various business interest involved in every projects. We understand the vital importance of providing accurate, responsive, and conscientious solutions to meet your business needs.  

Jeff’s client experience includes designing commercial banking and financial institutions, technology and software companies, law firms, insurance companies, energy and transportation services, marketing and media, entertainment, health care providers, manufacturing, food processing, automobile, telephone and communication companies as well as health care providers and drug companies.  Jeff’s well rounded and diverse project experience brings a wealth of information to every project.  

As a principal, Jeff is responsible for managing client relationships, ensuring a timely response, and setting the tone for business operations.  



Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign