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Responsive, Strategic and Creative.

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Renown for its collaborative approach, EWP provides outstanding project leadership that results in exceptional workplace environments. The firm is comprised of architects and interior designers who go to great lengths for clients. Open communication with clients ensures stellar projects. Sharing extensive knowledge and finding creative solutions for every project’s unique needs comprises the core of EWP’s methodology.

EWP listens, then puts its experience and leadership skills to work helping clients navigate different workplace strategies. When exploring real estate options, EWP can work with the real estate team in the evaluation of options and offer sound advice on space that fits business needs. In addition to leading the design process, the firm regularly consults on vendor bids, handles furniture procurement, and manages construction administration.

EWP’s valuable experience positions the firm to recognize what each business values, ask the important questions, and create a project plan that respects the client’s agenda. Its team’s collective knowledge can assess obstacles, identify potential problems, and present insightful answers. EWP has the accomplished skillset to consider every element and follow through with concise, inventive solutions.


EWP understands that the look, feel and function of a space represents a company’s brand and vision.

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The firm takes great pride in creating specialized environments that precisely reflect a client’s brand and personality. Integrating eye-catching, high-quality details into spaces keeps EWP’s designs fresh and current while supporting daily business operations.


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EWP works with tenants, building owners, managers and leasing agents to support leasing and facility operations.


For tenants, EWP can help find space and then deliver a strategy for designing, buying, occupying, and remodeling as needed.

For building owners, managers and leasing agents, the firm works with the leasing team, assist clients in improving product offerings, and updating amenity areas. EWP also creates bespoke spec suites that attract tenants to help buildings close deals.



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A brilliant convergence of architecture and design that benefits the client.

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EWP was formed in 2011 by Jeff Eland, Ron Walker, and Brett Polich, three professionals who bring a combined 70 years of architectural experience to the table. Established as an architectural practice focused on workplace environments, the business quickly gained a reputation for its expertise and direct engagement with clients. It has grown to a staff of 12 professionals, including both licensed architects and registered interior designers.

Over nearly a decade of partnering with businesses in the Chicago area and around the country, EWP has acquired an impressive portfolio of work. Tenants, building owners, and leasing agents have consistently sought out the firm for its ingenious, problem-solving work and strong partner-client relationships. All projects maintain an unparalleled amount of senior level involvement and EWP is proud to have earned the distinction of being a trusted resource for clients.

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The EWP practice remains centered on what it does best: developing workplace environments.


The firm has found repeated success creating cost functional and beautiful spaces by working collaboratively with clients. This intentional emphasis on the workplace, along with a dedication to its clients’ needs, makes EWP a proficient leader in the field.